Roof windows are a valid solution in modern building. Roof windows, in addition to lighting and ventilation, ensure comfort in the attic, ensuring comfortable rest and ease of use, protecting from easy breakage inside the home.

PH Serramenti is a partner of FAKRO, a leading roofing manufacturer in the field.

The wide range of available products allows you to choose the right type of window for each attic. The windows are of different construction and differ in the following opening modes, here are some examples:

finestra da tetto 1     finestra ad angolo

finestra a bilico     finestra a bilico 2


Did you know that the quality of the window frames affects the methane consumption you use to heat your environment?

Turn to us with the utmost tranquility. We work professionally and at absolutely competitive prices!

We can provide you the best materials, the best products and the maximum availability.

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